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Tracking down violators

Resources useful in tracking down violators.

Registered agents and Corporation Registrations

    Investigative Resources 
  • Dunn and Bradstreet Business Reports

    Domain/Internet data

    Phone number and Phone Company info
  • Addresses to send subpoenas for phone co. and long distance providers
  • Tracking down 900 numbers
  • Tips on tracking down the owner of a phone number are here.
  • Locating a telephone number from the area code & prefix
  • Areacode info is here.
  • Prefix info is here

  •    (download the "Feature Group D CIC assignments" zipfile.)
  • Ameritech automated RespOrg service. 800-337-4194
  • SMS 800 site

    Postoffice Box and CMRA (PMB) information
    Form to get PO Box subscriber info (see Postal Bulletin 21607 2-19-87,pg. 11)
    Misc. Links
  • Tracking down an attorney?  Check here and here
  • Are they really a charity?  Check here.
  • Tracking down a bank?  Check here.
  • State  Resources
  • Instructions for obtaining info on California Corporations
  • (Dept. of real estate info on agents and brokers)
  • (county clerks)
  •  (L.A. County)

  • Georgia
  • Georgia Business Entity Information

  • Florida
  • Florida Corporations search engine
  • Florida Travel Reseller rules (call 850-410-3805 to check a travel reseller registration)
  • AG Open Investigations

  • N. Carolina
  • Corporations database

  • So. Carolina
  • For Registered agent, call the Secretary of State office at (803)  734-2158
  • For Officers, call the Dept. of Revenue at (803) 898-5705

  • Texas
  • Texas Corporations search
  • DBA names
  • Texas Secretary of State database.  That one isn't online anywhere but  you can get the info by calling them at (512) 463-5555.

  • Virginia
    SCC Information - (804) 371-9967 or toll-free (in Virginia only) 1-800-552-7945.
    Corporations - (804) 371-9733. For questions about corporate officers and directors, registered agents, charters and annual statements, and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and registered limited liability partnerships.

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    Another way of locating a Texas company is to contact the PUC and ask for a
    copy of the ADAD permit (888-782-8477). That should list a physical address
    and telephone numbers used.

    Phone numbers for 900 carriers need to be updated. The list posted at
      the national Numbering plan are old and some do not apply any more.
      Current number for MCI is 800 888 1800 and ask for the 900 department.
      Current number for AT&T is 800 323 6672 direct to the department.

    I just learned about Verizon's Call 54 service.  If you want to know who
     owns a number, you call the area code of the number and then 555-5454.  It
     is an automated system, and I was told it now costs 95 cents a call. Unless
     the number is unlisted, you should get the information. I was calling about
     what appears to be a cell phone number, so apparently it may work for those
     as well.

    SEC Complaint Center
     450 Fifth Street, NW
     Washington, D.C. 20549-0213
     Fax: 202-942-9634

     There's more information at

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